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Geographic Location

We have found the Almirante name in different parts of the globe, places either we or our relatives and friends have been to, places like Italy and Macau.
The Almirante family in charge of this domain hails from Quezon City, part of Metro Manila, in the island of Luzon, in the Northern part of the Philippines.

Spanish Basis

The Philippines was under Spanish rule for more than three centuries, so most Filipino surnames have Spanish origins.  After the Spaniards had first gained control of the archipelago, our ancestors were given Christian names as part of the Filipino natives' conversion to Catholicism.
A Spanish dictionary was divided into several parts and sent to different regions of the country.  From a part of the dictionary was taken the surnames to be given to the native Filipinos of a specific region.  So, even today, you can find places in the Philippines where all of the inhabitants have surnames that begin with the same letter since their ancestors picked their surnames from the same part of the dictionary.
Almirante in Spanish and Portuguese means Admiral.  According to Wikipedia, Admiral is the rank, or part of the name of the ranks, of the highest naval officers. It is usually considered a full admiral (equivalent to full general) and above Vice Admiral and below Admiral of the Fleet/Fleet Admiral. It is usually abbreviated to "Adm." or "ADM". Where relevant, Admiral is a 4 star rank.
Since our ancestors would've picked our surname from a dictionary, most likely in an almost random fashion, there is no reason to believe that our surname is related to any characteristic, activity, or position in society of our ancestors.

Cebuano Roots

Originally, and as far as we know, the Almirantes come from the Southern part of the Philippines.  Most of our closest relatives are from Cebu, an island province in the South, located in the group of islands we call the Visayas.  Some relatives have been traced to Bohol, another island province right beside Cebu.
The earliest records from Cebu we've seen of an Almirante from our clan is from right after the turn of the 20th century.  Previous to that, we have found no records of an Almirante in Cebu.  It is possible that the first Almirante from our clan in Cebu, migrated from another province.  We have very little to go on with, because, according to one of his sons, this supposed first Almirante in Cebu was said to be quiet and wasn't inclined to tell stories about himself, so he never mentioned where he came from.

Possible Origins

Although we are not exactly sure of where the Almirantes of Cebu originally emigrated from, it is possible that we originated from Iloilo, another province in the Visayan Islands.  We have heard off and on and through the years, from different sources, that many Almirantes can be found in Iloilo.  One anecdote came from one of the sons of the likely pioneering Almirante in Cebu.  As superintendent of schools for the region, he traveled to different provinces, and during one stop in Iloilo, he met someone from Alimondian, Iloilo who mentioned that there were many Almirantes from that town.  He visited that town and he did meet many Almirantes.
Because of the concentration of Almirantes in that town, and inspite of the secretive nature of our ancestor, we maintain a strong opinion that the first Almirante in Cebu, emigrated from Iloilo.
Filipinos have diverse racial origins.  Many Filipinos have Malay, Indones, Spanish, and Chinese blood.  Some even have Indian blood.  It is even possible that the Almirantes have Indian origins.  This would explain the prominent nose and dark skin of many of our relatives.  This is just a theory proposed by some of our relatives.

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